The 24/7 Staff-less Store of the Future

AI Automation will replace humans in retail and surpass their performance in Manual and Routine tasks. Wheely's is a Swedish brand that opened its staff-less store in China. This is the perfect example of the cross-channel integration of the physical and the digital. Wheelys(2017), Available at:


Primary Research: Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

The Clerkenwell Design Week was a great source of inspiration for the latest trends in the home and lifestyle sector. Upon doing a trend study, I was able to identify some patterns which are specified below.

Primary Research: Science Museum Robots Exhibition

The Science Museum recently exhibited the 500 year old history of the evolution of Robots. The advancements in technology have caused a drastic transformation in robots. Robots are no longer just human operated machines, they are now AI automated and can replicate human behaviour and expressions to a certain extend. The future of robotics will …

Expert Insight: Interview with Kate Ancketill (CEO, GDR Creative Intelligence, UK)

GDR Creative Intelligence is a Retail Innovation Consultancy based in London and New York. I got the opportunity to have a conversation with the Chief Executive Officer and retail expert Kate Ancketill. Kate is a prominent global speaker on retail futures. In 2009, she was selected as one of the ‘UK’s top 100 business people …

Biomimicry: Studying the Gular Mechanism in Pelicans to innovate Rainwater Harvesting Systems

(Pelican Dreams by Judy Irving ; Available at : I observed Pelicans at St. James' Park and was quite intrigued by the dives and the expandable mouth pouches that help them store water and fish temporarily.  According to the National Geographic, the pelicans use their pouch to catch their prey and then tip it back to drain …

Primary Research: Evidence Mapping Techniques

Inspired by 'The Trend Forecaster's Handbook', we had an evidence mapping session in class where we identified Trend Innovators, Trend Drivers, Trend Impacts, Trend Consequences and Trend Futures through evidences found in Magazines, Newspapers, Posters etc. Once we had pinned the evidence on the wall, we identified patterns in the evidence to form trend clusters. The …

Evidence Mapping and Reflection: Week 1