[Project Management Weekly] Task List: 28th August 2017 – 1st September 2017

Monday, 28th August:

  1. Thesis Outline Draft #2
  2. Broad Outline Literature Review
  3. Research Methodology Draft 1

Tuesday, 29th August:

  1. Emotionomics Summary
  2. Market Survey Summary
  3. Reach out Eliza
  4. Learning Objectives for Ungerer Visit (September 4th and 5th in Chester)

Wednesday, 30th August:

  1. Start Reading Luxury Strategy
  2. Call Graeme Spencer Ungerer to discuss learning objectives and fix in-house interview
  3.  Get Consent forms ready for the Ungerer visit

Thursday, 31st August:

  1. First Focus Group Meeting Plan (Samples, Forms, Contacts)
  2. Learning Objectives for Moelhaussen Visit
  3. Email Nicole the Learning Objectives
  4.  Reach out again to Nicolas Mirzayantz and Dr. Alan Hirsch.

Friday, 1st September:

  1. Email Sara Primary Research Progress.
  2. Summary of Luxury Strategy.
  3. Start reading Perfumery

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