[Project Management] Final Major Project Timeline

I have used SmartSheet – a project management tool to help me develop a Gantt Chart that can help me plan my project timeline. I have set my project deadline to the 15th of November 2017. 

Here is a brief summary of my plan:

PHASE I: MARKET RESEARCH || Timeline: 11th July 2017 – 4th October 2017

*Includes Secondary Research (Market Surveys, Books, Journals, Reports, Case Studies)
*Includes Primary Research (Expert Interviews, Factory Visits, Fragrance Training, Focus Groups)

PHASE II: RESEARCH CURATION AND ANALYSIS || Timeline: 17th July 2017 – 10th October 2017

PHASE III: PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT || Timeline: 4th September 2017 – 30th October 2017

*Includes Strategy Problem Identification, Strategy Development and Strategy Evaluation

PHASE IV: PROJECT DELIVERY || Timeline: 10th July 2017 – 15th November 2017

*Includes Content Writing and Print Production

The detailed Project Timeline can be found in the link below.

Maeva Project Management Timeline


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