TEAM ROLES: A Critical Analysis of my Personality Traits and Natural Team Role

According to Belbin(2010), teams that have mixed yet balanced team roles are the most effective and can directly impact the companies overall performance. In order to enhance the probability of success through creative collaboration and team work, it is crucial to understand and analyse the individual personality of each team member and strike the perfect balance by selecting personalities that complement each other. This can be further supported by the Law of Weak Ties’  which states that the degree of idea generation can increase in groups that do not have similar personality traits, which essentially helps avoid the ‘Groupthink’ issue (Raymond, 2010).

In order to fully evaluate my personality traits I decided to take the Belbin Test and the Myers Briggs Test and critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages associated with my personality and how it could influence my approach to team work.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 16.56.11.png

According to the Belbin test, I am a Shaper or a Driver,  which implies that I like to keep the team focused on achieving the end result and maintain the team momentum. Shaping the development of the project involves having the drive to accept challenges and find solutions to overcome obstacles. However, this personality trait is also prone to an aggressive approach upon provocation, which could negatively impact the group dynamic. Hence, it is absolutely critical for me to work on skills that encourage a focused approach while being mindful of not offending team members. In order to create a balanced team, it would be necessary for me to ensure that I work alongside  a Team Player,  who can avert possible friction in the team.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 17.05.33.png

According to the Myers Briggs Test, I have the personality trait of an Architect, which means I am introverted, intuitive, logical, judging and assertive. Even though, people with the architect personality traits have high self confidence with an imaginative and strategic mind they can often be arrogant and judgemental . I could benefit from working with the Mediator personality trait that values a democratic approach to team work while being creative and open-minded.

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