Groovie Smoothies: The Design Research Process.

On the 24th of November, we had a workshop with Sunita Yeomans on the design research process. My team was given an envelope with articles on the premium fruit juice industry in the UK. Some of the brands included in the envelope were Innocent, Froosh, M&S and Southern Pressed Juicery. Our task was to develop a proposal for new premium juice brand for the UK Market.


1. Gathering Market Insight:

According to Mintel, the juice industry in the UK has a value of 1.9 billion GBP. The three market segments ranging from the highest to the lowest value include Pure Juices, Juice Drinks and Nectars. PepsiCo.Inc was the leading market player in this industry in 2014 with a market share of 18.5% followed by Coca-Cola Enterprises with a market share of 15.4 % .1 In 2013, the According to the British Soft Drink Association the consumption of fruit juices fell by 9.5 % while the consumption of smoothies fell by 6%. 2 We also noticed a change in trend towards healthier fruit juices with natural sugar or no added sugar.


2. Identifying Competitors: Coca-Cola owns 90% of Innocent which is one of the leading smoothie brands in the UK. Even though, brands like Naked Smoothies and Tesco Finest are competing with Innocent smoothies, there are several start ups that are growing popular in the market like Presscription, Savse and Plenish.

3. Documenting Consumer Experiences: We observed juice consumers in  Pret. In a timespan of 15 minutes 4 people chose fruit juices/smoothies. Fizzy drinks were more popular that the fresh juices. We also observed that consumers spent a lot of time deciding between juices and fizzy drinks and the most popular juices were Orange and Carrot.

4. Semiotic Analysis: We performed a semiotic analysis of the popular premium juice brands. We analyzed the shape of the bottle, the fonts, the colours, the materials and the moods represented.


5. Developing the brand: We then developed new brands individually under the umbrella brand that could stand out in the oversaturated market of juices and smoothies. I came up with a juice bottle design that has a pop, lock and twist mechanism which allows consumers to mix and match their drinks. They can choose to drink them separately or mix them to create new combinations. We named our umbrella brand Groovie Smoothies and came up with musical references that suited the concept.


6. Feedback: We then presented our ideas to students in UAL to gather their feedback. We observed their initial reactions to our concepts which was positive and gained interesting insights on which of the concept products they would actually buy.

  1. Mintel(2015) ‘Juice in UK’. Available at: 25 November 2016).
  2. British Soft Drink Association(2015) ‘Changing Tastes, The UK Soft Drinks Annual Report’. Available at: (Accessed: 25 November 2016).

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