Knight Dragon: The Emerging Greenwich Peninsula


Knight Dragon is managing one of the largest property development projects in Europe. The development of the Greenwich Peninsula is an ambitious project with the aim to create a vibrant and diverse community. The emerging peninsula will have 7 different neighbourhoods that will cater to the specific needs of their target audience and will house 34,000 people and create 13,000 job opportunities. They are developing a design district, public art spaces, schools and a film studio. The Greenwich Peninsula is just one stop away from Canary Wharf which is the financial district of London. The main motivator for the development of the peninsula is to create a community that provides an opportunity for creativity, entertainment and leisure for families.


The four most important departments in the organization are Marketing, Finance, Planning and Design. Even though these departments collaborate throughout the project they all have their distinct roles and responsibilities in their areas of expertise.  They work together with the goal of delivering their vision. The business structure does not hinder their creative process as there are experts in each area who are given full responsibility. However, in order to produce the best results that are cost efficient the design team is constantly challenged by the sales and marketing teams.

All departments have to be mindful of the demographic and cultural factors. The design department uses good design to break social barriers by creating interactive public spaces in the community. The Finance department breaks financial barriers by providing the customers with a wide range of residential choices with relevant prices. The Marketing department identifies personas and targets a diverse yet specific group of people who would appreciate the social and cultural experience the community would promote.

The sales and marketing teams perform on-site studies and surveys in different communities and public spaces to analyze how people interact with their surroundings. They also study how different landscapes influence human behaviours. The market surveys and research data play a critical role in understanding the art of place-making and developing sustainable communities.  The Farmopolis Café on the jetty, The Ecology Park and the 5 KM running track prove that they aim to improve the overall quality of life.

 “Excellence in the design of buildings and spaces cannot exist in isolation from a clear understanding of what makes for the most sustainable urban form. In this report we argue that the compact, many-centred city of mixed uses which favours walking, cycling and public transport, is the most sustainable form.”

(Urban Task Force 1999:40)




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